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connect2web originally started out in 1999 as a web development company providing integrated solutions to a variety of vertical markets and serving a global clientele. Despite our success in this field, and our strong pedigree in web application development, connect2web shut down our inhouse development center, of 50+ staff, in 2004, due to certain adjustments in our business model. connect2web found that in sustaining a development center that is able to cater for the range of services and technologies demanded by today’s clients means having a large team and therefore increased fixed costs. The nature of the development market is that most engagements tend to be on a project basis, resulting in cyclical revenues for the development company, all the while maintaining a high fixed cost base. Such financial dynamics encourage development companies to allocate such fixed costs to their “live projects” thereby resulting in commercial terms that could be otherwise more favorable.

connect2web decided that we wanted to amend our business model, for the benefit of both ourselves and our clients. Our approach now is now based on leveraging our development network of panel companies coupled with our in-house management team to deliver the right technology mix for each projects with compelling financial terms. Such an approach also ensure that our team is focused on the project itself and is not sidetracked with human resource or related issues – these become the responsibility of the specialist partner engaged for the project.

connect2web now focus on core web services (websites, marketing and social media strategies) coupled with a core technical team of project and technology managers, for more complex applications and services – delivered through our partner network. Such an approach has also enabled connect2web to offer a wider range of services and technologies as we have a stringent evaluation process to develop our delivery partners, who must demonstrate their success in their area of specialty – ours is marketing and project and client management. Click here to see how we can help deliver value for your projects.
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