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connect2web, again by focusing on its core competency of project and client management coupled with effective global relationships, also provide technology marketing services. connect2web have exclusive representation rights for a number of technology based offerings. Our partners rely on us to market and deliver compelling commercial relationships to enable them to leverage their brand and products in our core geographies. Our strong relationships within the telecom and financial services sector make connect2web a compelling choice of partner for companies trying to penetrate the South Asian Market, with a specific emphasis on Pakistan. Below are some of our valued partners who connect2web already represents on an exclusive basis, and have delivered significant results to each.

Kirusa Unomobi
Marcopolo Aradiom

connect2web is continuously identifying and evaluating additional partners with whom we can work effectively to capitalize on opportunities. We are currently in discussions with a number of other technology driven companies, and always welcome the opportunity to increase our corporate network.
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